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Focus on FOMC Meeting and Its Effect Against Dollar

Interest Rate announcement is a very important event for traders, especially in the forex market. The reason why many investors consider this data is because the central bank's policy decisions have historically always been a big impact on the forex market.

FOMC decision this time, the possibility still store ammunition in the form of QE stimulus its three stages, and attempting to make a creative measures to provide a stimulant to the economy. That is by way of issuing interest rate projections, with details about the first time when interest rates will be raised by the U.S. central bank.

Their expectations in a more transparent as it can relieve uncertainty, resulting in lower volatility and convincing banks to lend to businesses and consumers alike.

According to Kathy Lien, forex expert and head of Research of Global Futures & Forex Ltd., market participants will only pay attention to 4 things at the FOMC interest rate decision later on, among other things:

When a majority of council members expect the FOMC U.S. interest rate hikes for the first time?
The scenario, if the FOMC decided to increase interest rates earlier than Q2 2014, this will have a positive impact on the USD, otherwise if the new rate hike occurred over the year 2015, it will be negative for the USD.

How big is the interest rate hikes in 2015 - 2015?
The possibility of market participants will respond positively USD if interest rates are raised higher and higher.

Is the U.S. central bank, lowered its U.S. growth, the unemployment rate and inflation prediction?
If there is a statement like that then it will have a negative impact on the USD, otherwise if there is no neutral then it will tend to USD.

Is the Fed still consider the possibility of QE3?
So far no one expect the stimulus in the form of QE stage 3 further U.S. economic data has improved, but if Bernanke respond to the stimulus in his press conference it will have a major impact on the U.S. dollar. (SAPs) 

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